MindZone Hypnotherapy

Offering hypnotherapy and NLP to manage stress and anxiety. Specialises in the Virtual Gastric Band.


Hypnosis places you in a super relaxed, trance-like state which is a powerful tool that all human beings have the propensity to enter.  Hypnosis assists you to achieve heightened focus and greater awareness.


Our ‘normal’ day to day consciousness comprises different layers of trance that we move into and out of throughout the day.   


Day dreaming is a great example of a natural trance that we enter frequently.  Likewise tasks like driving the car the same route day by day.  Have you ever arrived at your destination but not really recalled the drive itself, as if on auto pilot?  This is a form of natural trance in your waking state.

Using hypnotherapy techniques I am able to help you enter a trance state by guiding you through progressive relaxation (much like a guided meditation), where the beta brainwaves of your waking state, gradually change to slower alpha brainwaves where healing and learning occurs and then theta brainwave patterns consistent with a pre-sleep and pre-awakening state where deep and subconscious learning occurs. This is our mindzone for Hypnotherapy.  

I will not be hypnotising you to cluck like a chicken like you may have seen on stage shows or TV.   Though I may use rapid  induction methods to achieve the desired state of relaxation where you are accepting of suggestions.  


Want to know more?  Check out my website or make an appointment.

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Sharon Garrett
New Zealand
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