Fab Feathy

Community-Led Development (CLD) partnership with Internal Affairs to build up and invest in developing our Featherston community together.


Fab Feathy is a community-led development initiative (CLD) in Featherston, New Zealand, that has been enabled through a 5-year partnership with the Department of Internal Affairs.

Community-led Development (CLD) is underpinned by a philosophy of empowerment. It starts with people in a community coming together to identify shared ideas and dreams – as well as issues and concerns – and then creating goals. The community works together in ‘action groups’ to achieve those goals.

CLD follows five key principles: 

  • Grow from shared local visions
  • Build from existing strengths & assets
  • Work with diverse people and sectors
  • Grow collaborative local leadership
  • Learn by doing

Fab Feathy has employed 2x part-time facilitators who aim to work with – rather than for – the community. When people come to Fab Feathy with an idea for a project, we often help them get started – but then step back and allow the community to lead and do the ‘doing’.

Throughout a project, Fab Feathy are available to help with tasks like funding advice and applications, and we can pick up some of the admin and support work to take the pressure off busy project team members. 

Get in touch with us today for a korero about what you and your team are doing - or about what you might like to do together. 

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Jack Sheppard
New Zealand
We're often out in the community or down at the Community Centre on 14 Wakefield Street - but always keep office hours at the FCC on Monday mornings, 9am to 12 noon

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