Featherston Heritage Trail

A walk around Featherston's Historic Sites

This information is kindly provided by the Featherston Heritage Museum

More detailed information signs are available at each site location. 


1. The Old Courthouse*, Public Library* and Museums Complex ~ 70 - 72 Fitzherbert Street

  • Featherston Information Centre (located in Featherston's Historic Courthouse), 
  • Featherston Library
  • Fell Locomotive Museum* (Logo is registered with Historic Places Trust)
  • Featherston Heritage Museum (including Featherston's 1928 Vintage Model A Ford Fire Appliance)

 2. Methodist Church* ~ Fitzherbert Street

  • The original Methodist Church, built in 1878, was destroyed by fire and rebuilt in 1881.

 3. World War I Memorial* ~ Corner of Fitzherbert and Fox Streets

  • Built as a memorial to Featherston soldiers killed in WW1 and unveiled in 1927. Names of those killed in WWII were added circa 1946.

 4. Tarureka Historic Donald Homestead* ~ Corner of Revans and Donalds Streets

  • 1868 residence and historic stables. Also the site of an early butter factory.

 5. Burt's Shop and House* ~ Corner of Waite and Revans Streets

  • William Burt opened a bakery and built this shop in 1878 - 79.

 6. The Cox Building* ~ 81 Fitzherbert Street

  • One of the first stores in Featherston, built in 1870 - 72.

 7. Featherston Schoolmaster's House* ~ Clifford Square

  • The original Featherston Schoolmaster's house, built in 1880.

 8. Featherston Anzac Hall* and Featherston Kiwi Hall* ~ Corner of Birdwood and Bell Streets

  • The Anzac Hall was opened 16th October 1916, this building was a recreation facility for servicemen of Featherston Military Camp.

9. Featherston Original Doctors' Residence* ~ Corner of Johnston and Bell Streets

  • The residence and practice for Featherston's Doctors from the late 1890's until 1993.

 10. Card House ~ Corner of Johnston and Bell Streets

  • The home of Featherston's first Mayor, John Wiltshire Card MBE.

 11. Old Card Home and Cordial Factory ~ 33 Bell Street

  • A cordial factory, serviced by a large well, operated in the early 1900's.

12. The Hodder House* ~ 23 Wakefield Street

  • Build by Joseph Hodder in 1881, this house remained in the family until 1966.

 13. Cross Creek Cottages ~ 11 and 13 Fox Street

  • These two cottages were relocated from the former railway settlement of Cross Creek at the foot of the Rimutaka Incline.

 14. Viles House ~ 29 Fox Street

  • The original stables stand at the rear of this 1890's cottage.

 15. Hunter's Corner Shop and Cottage ~ Corner of Fox and Johnston Streets

  • A former Store, Tailor's Shop and Tearooms dating from the 1890's.

 16. Anderson's Building ~ 19 Fitzherbert Street

  • Successive businesses have operated from this shop since the first General Store opened here around 1875.

17. Old School Building ~ Corner of Fitzherbert and Revans Streets

  • Built in 1921, this building was used as a School until 1983.

 18. Dorset Square ~ Corner of Moore and Ludlum Streets

  • This Reserve was provided for in the original 1856 Featherston Town Plan.

 19. Original Viles Home ~ 1 Fitzherbert Street

  • Josiah Viles operated a Butcher's Shop in this house between 1876 and 1894.

 20. Cundy's Cottages ~ Corner of Revans and Bethune Streets

  • The home of the pioneer bullock wagon operator, Charles Cundy.

 21. The Royal Hotel* ~ Revans Street

  • The Royal Hotel was built here in 1869, burnt down and was rebuilt in 1893.

 22. Site of the Former Cosy Theatre ~ Fitzherbert Street

  • Film-goers were entertained here for nearly 70 years from 1916 onwards.


* Registered with the Historic Places Trust

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